Hi ! everyone. I can write small "C" Language programs, compile them in an IDE like Turbo C. But how to make a complete Working Software Application . Do i need only one .c file or many others. How to make a complete large piece of software system as opposed to just a code snippet. Can i do that in an IDE and how? please help?

Thank You! :)

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You can write everything in a single C file or divide it in several source(.c) and header(.h) files. Its a good practice to make your code modular and organized. It would be insane to write everything in single file. :P

An IDE is matter of taste. Some people like full fledged IDE with lot of features, some like simple text editor with limited features. I would recommend you to trash your copy of Turbo C and get a better compiler like gcc, MS Visual C++ which follow the standards. To compile a lot of files in your project you often use Makefile(or some other tools like CMake, Scons) or some IDE like CodeBlocks, Visual Studio etc..

I would recommend you to get CodeBlocks IDE (available for *nix and Windows) or Visual C++ Express Edition(only for Windows). Both are free and good.

If you know the language well, know little software design techniques(the theory stuff they teach you in a subject called Software Engineering), and look into existing projects(you will find a lot of open source projects online) you will find your way on your own.

Totally agree with Vishesh........We can break the whole idea and make different files , keeping one main file........individual compiling will help rectify problems easily and makes changes too...

how to create in c language project..??? i m stdying in MCA 1st sem ...so,give me a some info..plzzzz...

You can make a program in a main function. But when your program will be bigger you can divide it into many functions. It may make your program more easier then before.

Dipak chauhan,
There is many tutorials in online to create program in c. These help us to make project. You do not mention your project's topic. Please mention it ,then we can discuss.

you can write whole the code of your project in a single source file.but it will create problem at the time of maintenance.

so you should make a module for a particular task.it will also help you at the time of debugging.

And try to use GCC compiler it is a standard one.
Never go for GOTO statement and function like getch().try to avoid the header file conio.h.

try to avoid the header file conio.h.

Do. Or do not. There is no try... :icon_mrgreen:

Appropriate statement is "Avoid the header file conio.h."

Everything else asitmahato said is correct. But remember, in English there is a SPACE after every period. Period. Note the SPACE. End transmission. -30-

Dipak Chauhan: To start off, it is generally considered impolite to re-start an old, existing thread with a new question this way. While what's done is done, please refrain from hijacking threads in the future. Even if the question is more or less the same, when it has been more than a month since anyone has posted in a thread, it makes more sense to start a new thread.

As for the question itself, the answer depends on the compiler and IDE you are using; each IDE has it's own form of project files, so answering questions about them will depend on the system you're using. If you don't already have a compiler available, I would recommend getting either Code::Blocks, which includes the GCC compiler (in the distro marked 'codeblocks-10.05mingw-setup.exe'), or Visual C++ Express, which is the free version of the Visual Studio IDE and includes the Microsoft C/C++ compiler.

Of course, all you really need are a text editor, a compiler toolchain which includes a version of make or some similar tool, and a shell or command prompt. For most Linux distros, such tools come with the system; for MacOS, you can download Xcode and have it all set up for you. Under Windows, you can get MinGW and Notepad++, and you'd be set to go. You would probably learn more this way, and I would recommend at least finding out how to compile a program from the command line, but an IDE makes things far easier for most people.

Avoid the Turbo C compiler if you can, as it is over 20 years old and badly out of date - it is a 16-bit compiler, and won't compile Windows programs, only DOS programs. Many colleges use this compiler, unfortunately, bu if you have any choice in the matter, use something newer.

Thank you Mr. WaltP for your point of view. It will really help me.

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