Write a java program to read a number up to 15 digits long or a date (dd/mm/yyyy).
The program should distinguish numbers from input date, and prints them in alphabetic spelling form.

Example: for input 234334564456455 the output should be :
234,334,564,456,455 is two hundred thirty four trillions and three hundred thirty four billions and five hundred sixty four millions and four hundred fifty six thousands and four hundred fifty five.

For input 23/3/1996 it should print: March 23, 1996.

need help to do this program.plsssss

What are your questions?
Do you have any code written for your assignment yet? Please post it with your questions.

Get the input and then separate it to characters. then compare them to print out a text. Without your code I can offer no further help.

well...looks like you have your work cut out for you .

it isn't that difficult, but I assume you're a starter, so then it might be a little more tricky.

if you know pseudocode or nasi-schneidermann, write your code in one of them, so it will be easier to distinguish the different tasks you'll need to perform.
once you've done this, try to code them as good as you can, and come back with any questions.

but when you do so, post the relevant code, the result you get, the result you expected and a copy (not just a description) of any error messages you receive.