Hi Everyone ,

I am currently learning shell scripting.So I just need little help from you. If you know sites which have good shell programs / questions for practice (solving ) .. please post them here. If you can provide any alternative regarding my study on shell scripting that would be welcome too. :)

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Instead of searching for questions it's better you install linux in yur system and then try t implement various things....learn how to configure ntfs and other services in that...That will be useful....

I am doing it ... but unless and until I get a challenging task .. I dont think I will get complete knowledge but still Thanks for the reply ... I will work on what you have said ...

Any other suggestions ?? ...

As a good exercise implement basic coreutils commands (cat, head, tail, cut, paste, etc) using bash builtins.

1. Try finding greatest of 3 numbers using shell scripting.
2. tell the working of command:- grep <TEST> abc
3. Consider the file named f1,f2,f3.After this command what will be the content of each files and why.
*cat f1>f2>f3
*cat >f1>f2>f3
*cat f1>f2<f3
4. Write a shellscript to execute a set of codes automatically on a particular day.(Use cronjob)
5. Print all lines in a file except the first five lines of a file.
6. Print all lines in a file except the last five lines of a file.

Check if you are able to d this...this is just a basic questons to test your apti.

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