I need help please.write a shell script that will take the information from two files and combine into another file
I created both files in vi.

David 734.854.5643
Roberto 313.432.4532
Sally 267.423.5412
Mary 435.432.7654
Ted 324.642.6743
Alice 234.576.3245
Frank 342.465.6754

second file

Roberto Tuesday 2
Sally Monday 8
Ted Sunday 16
Alice Wednesday 23
David Thursday 10
Mary Saturday 14
Frank Friday 15

The output file should be like this:
Name On-Call Phone Start Time
Sally Monday 267.423.5412 8am
Roberto Tuesday 313.432.4532 2am
Alice Wednesday 234.576.3245 11pm
David Thursday 734.854.5643 10am
Frank Friday 342.465.6754 3pm
Mary Saturday 434.432.7654 2pm
Ted Sunday 324.642.6743 4pm

$file1 | sort > file1.sort
$file2 | sort > $file2.sort

echo -e "name\t days\t \phone numbers\t \Time\t"

for day in Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
name=`cat $file2.sort | grep $Oncall | cut -d, -f1`
if { $name }; then
phone = `cat file1.sort | grep $name | cut -d, -f2`
echo -e "$names\t \days\t \$phonenumbers \$Time

Did I do the for loop right??
What else do i need to add to the loop.
how to loop around again??

Somebody help me Pleaseee

Thank You

Any chance you know this person?
My suggestion in that thread was that cut and grep are the wrong approach.

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