Im building an application to store and manage Student Marks and Im gonna use Java Persistence (JPA) to do the Database work for me. So Ill be retrieving the data from the database into Objects. And then Ill want to display the Data in the objects as a JTable. And I need support for auto Updating. Like when an user updates a data in the table, then the corresponding object must get modified.

And can anyone suggest a system that would Exactly mimic Datagrid in .NEt. Like, when you press a "New entry" button, a new row will be created and users can enter data into it. Can anyone please help me??

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you have to use table changed event of JTable and in that event change update the object

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Oh I see. Thank you. And any suggestions for inserting an empty row when the user presses "Insert" button?

And is the tablechanged event fired as the user enters each charachter or it fires after he finishes typing and removes the Edit Control from the cell?

Thanks for giving a valuable lead. Now I can build on it!

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