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No need to connect the Bar code scanner with Visual Basic. What you need to do is use the device to the system and use it. Bar code scanner work like a simple input device (like keyboard) attached to the system. It simply scans the code and puts the code into any control having focus. No need of any special coding for that. You may need to use some library (usually provided by the vendor of the device) to process the code captured from the device.


Thx a lot Guy's Hmp... i have one more Question
How can i code the search as u type in vb6.0 and connect it in MS acces can you help me? Thx GOD SPEED


Mr debasisdas is right about the bar code reader, its just like a ordinary input
you will need to focus the insertion point or mouse pointer to the textbox in able to input the code that will be scanned by the bar code,

about the search just use the SQL code
Adodc1.RecordSource = "Select * from myTable where myField like '%" + txtSearch.Text + "%'"

im using the code above in a textbox_change() event


Dear Friend
First install the setup file of the scanner if required. In most of the barcode scanners there is no setup or installation for the devices.
When you connect it to the Computer, the machine will automatically detect the device. The Barcode Scanner is nothing nut a small device which reads the text besided in the Barcode Letter. This works like a mouse or any external devices like keyboard, usb devices.
It reads the code/characters from the barcode strip or letter, which are not possible by human eyes.
While reading there is some specification of the range of the barcode scanner, generally it is in inches/centimeters.
For testing the barcode scanner's working
Connect the barcode scanner to your system,
Move barcode scanner on any product/barcode strip of the product.
Set your cursor into the Text Box/ Combo Box of Visual Basic Form
Otherwise try with Notepad File.

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