I want to try this:
I want that the look of my textbox must be like the coding in the visual Basic.
I mean When we type the code in the vb then we get the look like:
"if", "else", "end if" is in colourful and all other...

In Short Syntax Highlighter for my Textbox...
please get me somewhat data here...

I try some coding but I fail in it. so I think to paste my thread here...

A richtextbox is designed to allow different font, foreground and background colors for every letter. Here's the documentation for it

hello sir
I think you have mistaken because: I know rich textbox is created as for this purpose but my question is:
I want the text to be appear as appear in the VB. for example when we are typing the code like
If IsAdmin() = true then
End if

Then Text will appear like: if, then, else, end if in blue by default while the rest code will appear in black.
if i use the (') then the rest of text will be green (commenting out the line)
if i use ("") them the text between it will be red etc etc...

So i don't required to change colour it will work itself

There isn't a native control like that. However searching for syntax highlighting control should help you find one.

You could Use a dictionary of key words as keys and the forecolor as values. then handle the textchanged event to look for the key words being entered. Trigger the change on a space being entered. When you find a match change the forecolor. For changing between punctuation marks some class level booleans would work.

Yeah, I also think it similar.
but can you help me by cerating those values and matching words (respected word) bcoz I am unknow on how to create this thing...
If I can use the class then it help me alot....

i create as you told
but now I am having some problem
if i remove some lines like: 147, 129, 83 ten Working fine but this does not make the text to proper case
check my project file:
If I keep those lines then my application get hanged/stuck at some point...
if i write then Also application is not taking input (not responding)
this happens for some case only like Integer, string, etc
while if I type Dim, as, were working fine...

Can you solve my problem or elsebody

I have attached my file here