If anyone knows Java and is semifamiliar with modding it, can you interpret this error code.

== MCP v4.3 ==
> Recompiling client...
javac.exe -g -verbose -classpath "lib/;lib/*;jars/bin/minecraft.jar;jars/bin/jin
put.jar;jars/bin/lwjgl.jar;jars/bin/lwjgl_util.jar" -sourcepath src/minecraft -d
bin/minecraft src/minecraft\net\minecraft\client\*.java src/minecraft\net\minec
raft\isom\*.java src/minecraft\net\minecraft\src\*.java conf/patches/*.java fai
Return code : 1


src\minecraft\net\minecraft\src\ItemChain.java:6: invalid method declaration; re
turn type required
public ItemChain(int i)

1 error

> Done in 0.87 seconds
> Recompiling server...

I can't help you with Minecraft specific issues but this error normally comes up when there is a mismatch between the name of the class and the constructor. Is the ItemChain class your own class?

Then check the name of the class and the constructor declaration and see if there are any typos. Paste the class here if possible.

I recommend reposting this on the Minecraft forums:



finding help on the Bukkit forums:


Bukkit forums specializes in minecraft modding with many of the staff or developers working with MCP or on the MCP project so that may be the place to post.


src/minecraft/net/minecraft/src/mod_Jman.java:12: invalid method declaration; return type required
   public mod_Jman()

1 error

Please Help! Using MCP 7.0a and Minecraft 1.3.1 Jar

Please start your own thread. This one is one year old.