Can you help me please I am still beginner in the IBM data studio,my problem is that i want to use the existing table in the SAMPLE database,I want to querry on the 4 tables,like in employee table or etc...in using the stored procedure can you help me please what are the commands to use in this I have no idea on this.Thank you in advance and i am hoping for your positive response..

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Are you using DB2? Or some other dbms?

yes i am using db2


The easiest thing to do is to use the .net ODBC libraries.

Thanks for the reply... .net ODBC libraries but how?can you give me some steps sir..

sir question,is it possible to create table and then insert some data to the table in one stored procedure?Please help me thank you in advance and im hoping for your positive repsponse.


Sounds like you need to do some serious reading. Answering these questions are not simple and I don't have the time to hold your hand - that's what I do for a living...

1. Go to the Microsoft web site and look up documentation for .net and odbc in that environment.

2. Creating DB2 stored procedures is not something I have a lot of experience with (Oracle and Sybase/SQL-Server I do). Go to IBM's DB2 web site for documentation on that. The short answer to your question is: yes, you probably can create a table and then insert data into it in one stored procedure.

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