Hi Guys

Please Help me out....Iam banging my head to the wall now just because of this problem....
I want to get the HTML code of a Website using the Class of HttpWebRequst and HttpWebResponse.....
the main problem is that whatever web requests are made...they are done using Internet Explorer.....Please tell me a way that how can I send HttpWebRequests via Mozilla Firefox....

The Exact issue is that for a certain URL the Internet Explorer shows page cannot be displayed because it has a 500 internal server error....same Error code occurs in Mozilla Firefox but it does show some html also....

check this url on both mozilla firefox and Internet Explorer (do include the ' also):

On mozilla firefox an html is also shown...I basically want to get that html even if the 500 exception occurs....so Need urgent help in this issue.

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and ofcourse there is a software developed in c# which is using mozilla firefox as the browser for webrequests so I guess saying that it is not possible will be vague.

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