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Hello ladies and gents,

I hope the moderators won't mind me posting this here, if they do, feel free to move it, but since it is related towards C++, I figured it belonged here ;)

A while back I was browsing the GameDev forums and I found this thread in wich someone announced some vid tutorials about a tutorial in C++ for writing a text RPG game. Now, keep in mind, this person wrote this tutorial without any preparation other then a word document in wich he documented all the variables (monsters, potions, spells, attack- defend parameters, etc...) he would use.

I'm sure you pro's and even advanced hobbyists will go like: Oh my, what the hell is he doing there, ... but for those of us who are actual beginners in programming and feel that alltough we are beginning to get a grasp of C++, it still is very much abstract as to how something can be incorporated into a real programm that actually does something then those endless lines of code you write or read in books and online tutorials.

For instance, at a certain moment, he has two classes, one PLAYERS and one MONSTERS, he has written them both, but then explains that there are several variables that both use and he could create another class in wich the variables wich are used for both can be stored and voila, you have your inheritance, now, alltough I understand inheritance and what the meaning of it is, seeing this beeing incorporated into a real program gave me a better view and idea of how this actual can be used !

For those of you who are interested in watching them, here's the link --> WRATH LANDS by Mark Troyer aka Trasm

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