Hey guys! I'm trying to create an accounting system, one that can create worksheets, create balance sheets, etc.. Is it easier to do this in Java or some other programming language. Got any suggestions on how I can accomplish this?

yes indeed its easy to create such things in java. You can also use vb.net and vc#.net.
Search the basics from the internet and try posting code.... We cant help without code nor we can make your project.

For Accomplisment check
1) JTable
2) Listener
3) JButton
4) JPanel
5) JFrame

and important of all make a diagram on paper of what you are going to create......

Sure, you can do that in Java, but unless there's something special you need to do why not look at a simpler solution such as an SQL database with form & report generation, or even Excel with a few macros?

Or just go out and buy an existing system, of which there are thousands.
Far easier, especially as you'll have to become an expert in all kinds of legal and financial matters to get everything right (and if you don't, and use it to base your tax returns on, you're going to get seriously burned).