hello all

I am trying to update a table through a dataset.Shortly I place content of a table in a DataSet ,display it on screen with datagridview ,and then do some changes.
finally I do a button click with will do

sqlda.Update(ds, "tbl"); //where ds= DataSet, tbl1= the Table I just loaded
It works if I don't change the Price column as it loaded from database.

My problem is :
the content of the column "Price" need to be changed from "en-US" format to another country
cultureinfo in order to localized number format.

I cannot just use

sqlda.Update(ds,"tbl1") anymore.

how to solve ?

thank you

Use the system.globalization to get the cultureinfo for the CurrentUICulture to obtain the decimal char, thousands separator, etc. and replace them by those of the invatiant culture. The thousands separators can be safely removed.

Hope this helps