Hi guys,
What does the owner in show method do and how does it work. Thanks in advance.

FORM.Show([Modal], [Owner])

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Using the owner argument with the Show method ensures that the dialog box will be minimized when it’s parent is minimized, or unloaded should the parent form be closed.

Using the Show method with both style and owner arguments.

For example:

' Display frmAbout as a modeless child of frmMain.
    frmAbout.Show vbModeless, frmMain

Does it work with MDI forms? i'm receiving error when i run the code. The error says, "Run-time error '5': Invalid procedure call or argument"

This is what i did;
1. I've an MDI form, named "fMainform"
2. Then I have another form, an MDIChild form, named "Form1"
3. on Form1 i have a button and in its event procedure i wrote;

Form2.show vbModeless, Form1
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