Hi ,
i have decided to develop a program on typing tutor for my school project. C++
the program should be based on classes and objects.
The main menu shall contain : login, create acc, help , exit
login and create acc options will ask for the username and passwords. The account information will be stored in a binary file. And the user will be provided with random passage texts and will be asked to type it as fast as possible. There will be one timer provided and after the user finishes typing, his errors will be highlighted and the speed and accuracy will be displayed , like how fast he typed and his errors will be stored in a separate text file.
So , could you like tell me briefly how can i accomplish all these things..
how could i possibly start?
i am a bit confused.

One step at a time. Start with the menu.

One step at a time. Start with the menu.

OKay, thanks
but could you elaborate a bit.
like what all classes will i need?

Please give me some hints on how to develop such a project.
i shall be grateful ... :)

Well, you are going to need to do simple input/output with the user and with a file.

For user input/output on the console, you will need <iostream>, with cout for output and cin for input. See this tutorial.

Then, you will need to use std::string to manipulate strings, to be able to write some text to be typed, and capture the text that was typed. Then you will need to be able to compare the strings (output and input) to figure out the success-rate, that's probably going to involve looping through the characters of the strings and comparing them.

Finally, you will need to use functions from the <ctime> header to time the user-input.

Do each of these things one at a time, and you will be in great shape.