hi, how do you add days automatically to current date? lets say i created an account in my program, and get its current date, augest 3 2011 for example, how would i add days automatically every after day, still keeps the date when i created my account. my goal is after 7 days, i want to remind my user to update his profile. i have this code add days.

DateTime tomorrow = DateTime.Today.AddDays( 7 );//
formattedDate = tomorrow.ToString("dd / MM / yy");

You can specify some date, like today (but you have to be aware that Today property does not set any day time, it is actually, but it sets to 00:00:00 "hh:mm:ss"), so then you can add 7 days to this date, and check if this date is a new date:

DateTime date1 = new DateTime(2011,8,3);
if(date1.AddDays(7) == new DateTime(2011, 8 10))
    //notify the user that 7 days has passed!

Could you use a DateTime compare and set the reminder if the result of the comparison is 7?

Will you use this in a way which will run this check every time a user logs in so that if it has been 7 days when the user logs in then the reminder is set ?

my users need to update every week(after 7 days). so if i created an account, "august 3, 2011, i need to update my accnt on aug 10. then next update will be on aug 17.

-- i will be using this every time the users logs in. it will check if 7 days have passed.. after update check again if 7 days have passed..


This might be what your looking for rather than my other suggestion. The compare just tells you if one date is earlier, the same or before the other.

hi... i cant compare dates here..

when i create an account the date today is saved in the database. lets say i created account today, 8/10/2011 my next update will be on 8/17/2011. my program should check if 7 days have passed.

my code cant tell if 7 days have passed.

if ( DateTime.Now.Date.  >   Convert.ToDateTime(GlobalClass1.globalweekdt))
                MessageBox.Show("please update");

datetime.now.date =8 10 2011 Convert.ToDateTime(GlobalClass1.globalweekdt)=8 17 2010
this is not >

globalweekdt is the date from the database when i created an accnt it store the date he made an accnt.

See if this works if not i'm stuck too sorry

DateTime globalDT = Convert.ToDateTim(GlobalClass.globalweekdt);

int DTCompare = DateTime.Compare(DateTime.Now, globalDT);

if (DTCompare >= 7)            
   MessageBox.Show("please update");            

messagebox still shows. still cant identify if 7 days have passed.. thanks anyways. (stuck)

Why do you need to convert GlobalClass.globalweekdt?
Have you checked what value the convertion returns.
e.g. MessageBox.Show("globalweekdt = {0}",Convert.ToDateTim(GlobalClass.globalweekdt)); If GlobalClass.globalweekdt is a string then it might be a localization issue due to different datetime formats.

I would use TimeSpan:

static void Main(string[] args)
          * Uses a date 7 days before today 
          * compared to NOW, which will result in "Time to update"
         DateTime dtThen = DateTime.Today - TimeSpan.FromDays(7);
         DateTime dtNow = DateTime.Now;

         TimeSpan tsDiff = (dtNow.Subtract(dtThen));

         if (tsDiff.Days >= 7)
            Console.WriteLine("Time to update!");

         /* **************************************************
          * Example 2
          * Uses a date 7 days before today
          * Uses another date 3 days before today
          * Increments the second day until "Time to update"
          * *************************************************/
         DateTime dtFakeToday = DateTime.Today - TimeSpan.FromDays(3);
         Enumerable.Range(1, 10).ToList().ForEach(i =>
            if (dtFakeToday.Subtract(dtThen).Days >= 7)
               Console.WriteLine("Time to update!");

            dtFakeToday = dtFakeToday.Add(TimeSpan.FromDays(i));

Hi use this one,

TimeSpan TimeTaken = ((DateTime.Now - Convert.ToDateTime ("8/1/2011")));
        string TotalDays=    TimeTaken.Days .ToString ();

Check this date and display message

Hope this will help..........

Hi use this

TimeSpan TimeTaken = ((DateTime.Now - Convert.ToDateTime ("8/1/2011")));
        string Totaldays=    TimeTaken.Days .ToString ();

you can calculate the day....

Hope this will help.