im creating a simple game and i want it to have continous 10 rounds . but i dont have any idea , im not allowed to use looping .tnx

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OK, this is the part of the help where YOU help US understand WTF you want. We weren't in the classroom, or heard the lecture, or read the text, or even know the teacher.

First - find out what you want to do. Your info here just isn't enough to start talking about a C program.

Second - Get started on it. You need more than idea's, you need pseudo code and at least the bare skeleton of a C program. Put some work into it, and THEN post it, and ask your specific questions.

You'll need to do SOME kind of looping. You don't have to use standard C loops, but some looping logic (perhaps by a call and return of a function), will be needed.

I'd suggest the game have simple rounds if you need to have 10 of them.

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Not using looping could mean recursion or goto label, depending on definition.

Or you could just put one "round" in a function, and call it 10 times explicitly, returning any information you need to track across the whole game.

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Good thinking.
int game;
printf("round one");
. //other game stuff
printf("round two");
. //round 2 stuff

Thats the most obvious way to do it.

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