Hey guys. I just started to work with SDL few hours ago, and following some tutorials I've managed to make a simple application with a moving image, a background and with a FPS limit. Everything went fine and I've managed to run and compile the program until now. But suddenly is not working anymore and I have no clue about what could have caused this problem. I dont get any error and there are no windows oppening when running from .exe file. I'm only getting this when running from compiler.

Process terminated with status -1073741819 (0 minutes, 10 seconds)

I've included the files and the Code Blocks project.

Not sure if you have figured this out yet or not.

The problem is because you are calling the function SDL_DisplayFormat() before SDL_Init(SDL_INIT_EVERYTHING) .

The fix to this would be to move load_files() below SDL_Init(SDL_INIT_EVERYTHING) .