Hello all,

I want to develop Android java applications for Android Smartphones(>Android 2.1) and Android Tablets(>Android 3.0). I had already downloaded the Latest Android SDK and Eclipse plugin for that. The entire environment for developing the android application is ready with me.

I have professional experience of programming in C++ and can list myself in intermediate level in C++. I am also aware of basic OOPS concepts.

But i have not programmed in Java before and also dont know its correct syntax and all.

I dont want to start the application development without proper understanding of Java Language. I want to develop the application which can be actually used in smartphones/tablets.

Please guide me how to proceed. Is there any specific tutorials for learning Java for Android.

Also i would like to know <Can we develop Android Applications in C++?>

Waiting for reply.

Thanks in advance.

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There is no specific Java requirement for Android, just general understanding of Java. You can still develop in C++ with Android NDK but I have zero to none knowledge/experience with it (I'm sort of C++ ignorant)


But what i found out that, with Android NDK you cannot completely develop your Applications in C/C++. Only some performance critical portions of your application can be developed in C/C++, other portions need to be in Java.(I am not sure what are performance critical portions really means).

Then how the Android application developed in C/C++ going to work??

I know C/C++ and thinking of migrating to Java.
Need suggestions whether to stick to C/C++ and learn more concepts or move to learning of one more language in the form of Java.confused!!!

Please provide your comments.

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