Hi guys..
i have a problem with my sqlupdate statement..i don't know which part is the error.. could you help me figure it out?? i even delete the codes and then type it again..but there is still this error..

        sqlupdate = "Update tblbook set Section='" & cbosection.Text & "', Book_Name='" & txtbooktitle.Text & "', Author='" & txtauthor.Text & "', Publishing_Company='" & txtpublishingcom.Text & "', Copyright=" & txtcopyright.Text & ", No_of_Copies=" & txtnoofcopies.Text & ", Copies_Available=" & txtcopiesavailable.Text & ", Limit_of_Days=" & cbodays.text& " where ISBN=" & txtISBN.Text & ""
        cmd = New OleDbCommand(sqlupdate, con)

thank you for your help! i'll appreciate it so much.

First look shows some problem with single quotes.

Print the variable sqlupdate before executing the same.

Try to execute the output of the print , you will know the part that is creating the problem.

i have figure it out that the error is in my combobox.. could you help me find solution so that my combobox can be updated

where is you combobox in this coding???