I have 2 error for my code when i compile and i need some guidance =)
This is a small part of my program.
Here's my code.

I declare my function like below:

void working (Stack& deck, Stack& deckStack, List* column, Stack* stack, bool& loadGame, bool& exitGame, bool& newGame, char user[40], int& num, int& from, int& to, bool& next)
    int k =13,j;
    string file, x;
    char a;
    char userInput[2];

It shows error: invalid initialization of reference of type 'Stack&' from expression of type 'std::string'

x = strstr (user, " ");
file = x.erase(0,1);
save(file, deck, deckStack, column, stack); // error here
newGame = true;

second error are as below:
error: expected primary-expression before '{' token
error: expected `;' before '{' token

userInput = {user[5], user[6]};   //error here
 num = atoi(userInput);
 userInput = {user[24], user[25]};  //error here
 from = atoi(userInput); from--;
 userInput = {user[36],user[37]};   //error here
 to = atoi(userInput);
 move (3, num, from, to, deckStack, column, stack);

Kindly if anyone know my problem please guide me. Thanks =)

Erm..i solved the 1st problem~
Now left the second one =) Any helps?

What is user input declared as? It looks as if you a re trying to use an initialize list. Make sure your compiler is able to use that feature if that is what you are doing.

Extended initializer lists are only available with C++0x.Maybe you should assign each element by directly indexing it

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