I just need to have 3 basic problem statements on c programming that is related to the field computer engineering, computer science or electronics and communications engineering. Only 3, and i can sleep.. of course after coding. :) THANK YOU! ^_^ >:D<

Sorry, little bee, but we won't do your homework for you.

This is a forum that tries to answer questions and problems relating to C.

I'm sure your grade will be reviewed, and reflect the amount of work you put into it.

You might try browsing through the "Computer Science" sub forum for topics you can use. Other than that, Google is your friend.

Good luck!

i've been searching all day for problem statements that i can code but google's not responding to me well. anyway thank you for the reply ^_^

Here is one common example:

Write a program that sorts an array of 10,000 random integers using four different sort algorithms, then compare the results (time each one to find out which is fastest).

you can write program that get data and store them in 3 kind of data structure.1- array 2- linklist 3-binary tree. you can find code for this 3 type of data structure in net easily.

If you just want a programming problem in C, this forum is absolutely FULL of them.

Counting the words in a paragraph of text, finding a word in a sample of text, encrypting text with ROT-13, (or something stronger), efficiently finding all the prime numbers from 1 to 1,000,000, compare a binary search with a linear search for two different sizes of int arrays: 1000 numbers for 1 array, and 100,000 numbers for the other. What's the total time for finding 100 numbers? Draw a tire on the console, complete with sidewall, using ascii-like char's only. Make a Hangman game, or Tic-Tac-Toe. Draw a circuit roughly with ascii-like char's, and let the user input the resistance he needs, in total. Using just three resistors, calculate and show what the band colors and values should be for each resistor.

Go to Project Euler and tackle one of their problems.

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