well i create a application and i put all MenuStrip icons in a folder
And i call them like this

MenuSItem.Image = Image.FromFile(@"Icons/Login/About.png");

but this one have a big problem, everyone have acces to icons, everyone can delete-put other icons...
Yea ok i know, i can let icons in resource but i dont like this one...

My Question is:
Can i create a encrypted file were inside i will have all those images?

Example , to create a WIcons.wic file, and when application run to load from this file icons...

like a "local store- database"

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What if someone removed your iconfile? It is a bad thing to do believe me.
The best way to store your icons is in the application!
Your project probably contains a Properties map, which contains something called resources. Open it and add your icons. You can watch this video to see how it is done. It's about buttons but you'll get the idea. Succes!!

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