Hello Daniweb Community,
I am migrating a VS2005 solution to VS2008 which often includes its own ras.h file. Unfortunately there are several projects including <windows.h> which includes "ras.h" from the Microsoft SDK.

What I would like to do is get a refactoring tool to rename this header file and update all files that reference it in the solution, which is over 300 projects and a little over a million lines of code.

Can anyone suggest a particular refactoring add-in for Visual Studio?

A simple search and replace program would probably to the job. You could probably write your own in a couple hours or get a fancier one on the net (use google).

Im not sure how easy it would be with search and replace. My company is about to give me access to ReSharper6 which will solve the refactoring problem for me. Find and replace wont work because every project referencing the header is in a different directory structure so sometimes ../.. is enough but sometimes ../../../../../ is required (if that makes sense). I don't want to use absolute paths because some day someone else might be working on this solution.

use ReShaper6 if you have access to it. If you don't then checking in the folder locations as you mentioned and in their sub-folders is pretty trivial to code.