is it possible the html file convert to pdf documrnt and vice versa ?
if, YES than I wanna source code for convert the html file to pdf document and vice versa.

plzzz give me proper instraction.

i m waiting for rite remady


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I wanna source code


You should give proper explanition of what you are trying to do, we do not give away are work so easly. Show effort, show what you did so far...

As to your question, you can convert html to pdf with full version of Acrobat or other softare for this purpose. To convert back to html from pdf is more complicated by factor that pdf have to be "searchable". Problem with creating searchable doc is that if was scanned there is no full succes, document was not 100% red there can be some pieces and bits which are not recogniced. So all of your pdf documents should be firstly created in word processing software, than convert to pdf and than to html. What a waist of time if you can get all infomation directly from word processor to html.

yes, there are libraries that can do that.
Apache FOP is a classic example that I've used in the past for similar purposes. It does require extremely strict and correct html to work though.


Thanx for ur remady

sir , i wanna source code for making converting tool .
that's why please give me the link , where java source code is available ( Free of cost).


You'll have to write your own program, noone's going to do it for you unless you pay us consultancy fees to the amount of $150 per hour for a minimum of one week (at 10 hours a day).


Thanx for ur remady

sir , i wanna source code for making converting tool .
that's why please give me the link , where java source code is available ( Free of cost).


Hmm, I wonder why he was boosting around with his MCA & SCJP(Sun Certified Java Programmer) and join me. Firstly saing I wanna source code and now please give me a link with free java code, you must be out of mind. Strange acting, have icy bye - bye


this is a problem , and i don't know what is the relation between problem or MCA .

plzzz give me the link where source code is available for convert html to pdf and vice versa.



examples of converting xml to pdf are contained in the FOP documentation.
properly written html is an xml dialect.

Other libraries exist as well, I'm sure a quick search of the web would turn them up.
In fact a quick search resulted in

Top 213 results of at least 4,162,398 retrieved for the query java html pdf

While without doubt not all of those are relevant out of the first dozen or so only one or two were pdf files about writing html and/or Java, the rest seemed concerned with creating pdf files from html using Java.

thank for that
now , i have face another problem , i wanna make a editor through swing.
and i created menu bar , bt i coudn't give the action .
like - for compile java file, for run .
like - find , find & Replace.
dear , i know we use the Runtime Class for run the dos commands thru java program.

bt , anyone give me code for that
i m urgently required

plzzz help me

The compiler is just a Java class which you can call. It's contained in one of the jarfiles that come as part of your JDK installation.

public final class Compilerextends ObjectThe Compiler class is provided to support Java-to-native-code compilers and related services. By design, the Compiler class does nothing; it serves as a placeholder for a JIT compiler implementation.

When the Java Virtual Machine first starts, it determines if the system property java.compiler exists. (System properties are accessible through getProperty and , a method defined by the System class.) If so, it is assumed to be the name of a library (with a platform-dependent exact location and type); the loadLibrary method in class System is called to load that library. If this loading succeeds, the function named java_lang_Compiler_start() in that library is called.

If no compiler is available, these methods do nothing.

Check your API docs.


thanx for that , but i wanto use Runtime Class
how can i done it thru Runtime class



why? There's no reason to do that ;)

You might want to read up on Runtime then, and calling commandline programs from Java. Tons of stuff written about that.


i wanna , how we can use this


I'm surprised no one has mentioned PDFBox. Although, I think you'd have to use PDFBox and add code for converting to HTML as it might not natively spit out HTML. Haven't really used it but I've heard people talking about it.


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