As far as programming Java and Javascript can be confusing...

How do you do a java-based chat, any ideas?

Java makes programming a chat applications really easy. Look up sockets in java and thats all you will need for a very basic one. Get that far and when you encounter problems or what to do more complicated stuff with the program (like maybe a secure RSA encryption) chat program let me know and i'll be able to lend a hand.

Basically it's like he said: look up sockets. The PrintWriter will probably be used, but you have your options open for choosing a Class that will read and write data. Split functionality up as much as you can when writing out the classes. And that's about all I have right now. Get a little done and we can help you more as he said.

I see alot of things referring to a .jar file, is that the applet itself?

no, applet is just another class which can be run under web browsers...
jar is Java ARchive. with jar files it is very easy to transfer your programs (which generally have more then 1 file)

If you think Java is complicated, try some entry level tutorials first before diving into creating multithreaded networked applications.
Sun has some great tutorials, and O'Reilly has their excellent "Head First Java" book to get you up and running.

Hi everyone,

Java can be intimidating at first but i agree with jwenting that you should get some entry level tutorials. The official sun tutorials are extremely good and you also yahoo for them.

If you were building a chat program i would suggest that you used a java application rather than an applet as it has lesser restrictions. Also try learning about basic networking i.e sockets.

Another thing is that Java and JavaScript is different.

JavaScript is an object oriented web scripting language created by netscape whereas Java is a programming language that has both footing in applications and web applications that is created by Sun MicroSystems.

Richard West

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