Can somebody please show me what the rest of this code should look like. I have about 90% of it so far. I have the GUI, but need help with the rest. Here is the Link to my code and the question to the problem is below. I thought it would be easier just to supply you with a link to my code. I highly appreciate your help.

RapidLube is a fast growing franchise that offers tremendous value for customers
needing automotive maintenance services. Their current price list inclusive of all taxes
(in USD) is as follows:
Oil Change:
•Natural : 19.95
•Blend: 39.95
•Synthetic: 49.95
Tire Rotation: 60.00
Muffler Replacement: 225.00
Transmission Flush: 65.00
Radiator Flush: 35.00
In order to reward regular customers, the chain also offers a 10% discount off the total
You are tasked with creating a GUI application (RapidLubeUI) to be used at their
Point of Sale (POS) terminals with the following suggested specifications.
The main application will open with a window as shown below with minimum size of
600x200 pixels. Note the use of banner at the top and the buttons at the bottom. The main
work area consists of sections: one for customer info, another for oil change and the third
for maintenance services offered by Rapid Lube.
The customer may optionally pick at most one type of oil change. However, a particular
job may contain of any combination of maintenance items like Tire Rotation,
Transmission Flush etc.
The user interface will provide a quick way to estimate the total for a job. Clicking on the
estimate button should bring up a dialog as follows detailing the estimated costs.
A regular customer discount of 10% must be offered if the Regular Customer item is
The customer name cannot be empty for checkout. When the customer checks out,
clicking on the checkout button will log the job (append data line) to a file named
SalesLog.txt with following information: Timestamp, customer name and total
amount as shown below.
2010-Nov-29 08:45:31 AM, John Doe, 244.95
Clicking on the exit button exits the application.
1. All dollar amounts presented should be restricted to two decimal places.
2. Use of automated UI generating wizards is prohibited for this assignment
3. You can use multiple classes as a project. In this case make sure you submit all
project files in a single jar file.

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That's a really nice homework assignment. You need to design and implement it, as you have done with the GUI.

If you have any specific questions or issues regarding the code once you have designed and implemented it, we'd be glad to help.

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As Jeff already stated and you lamely down-voted you are expected to ask specific question and not just dump your assignment, even though you seems to tried to do something. Do not expect people to go through your code if you do not give clear directive of what you want/need/have problem with. We are not 24/7 coding service for homework, we know our stuff and we do not need to prove it. It is you who need to do it, as it is you who will be rewarded (marked) or blamed for the task not us.

Please rephrase your request or I will close it down.

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commented: Why thank you for defending me against a lame down voting. ;-> +4
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