hello all

I create simple software say it's name K.jar ,I place it on desktop
I double click it , it run nicely.I close it.

I install Nokia Suite (it available on net)
When I double click my K.jar ,Nokia Suite run ,my K.jar doesn't run
If I uninstalled Nokia Suite then double click K.jar ,windows does't know
and ask me to choose from the list which software to open this file.
after I choose jre it run nicely.

My question is : what the cause of the problem,how to fix

thank you

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Looks like the Nokia Suite changed the registry and didn't restore it to its old value when it was uninstalled.

Reinstalling the JRE may restore the registry so the OS knows how to execute a jar file.

Hello NormRI
I do not need to reinstalled jre,bbecause ,afiter I uninstalled the Nokia pc suite
when i click K.jar ,windows only ask the software from the list once.
After I choose the jre,then K.jar run nicely.
The next time i run K.jar it run nicely without window asking anymore.

The problem is if my K.jar want to be distributed among client
May be the client think how un professional this K.jar creator is

addition : the Nokia pc suite not only disturbs K.jar ,but the whole jar files in desktop,beside that it also changed the icon of the jar file into something


Is this true:
The K.jar file worked OK before the Nokia install
After the Nokia uninstall the K.jar file does not work

My conclusion: The Nokia install changed the directory so that the OS does not know what to do with the K.jar file. The reason is because Nokia changed the registry entry that was made when the JRE was installed.

Does any jar file work or is it only the K.jar file that does not work?

This seems to be ingoing issue with Nokia Suite messing JAR file associations, try to correct it with help of this article

PS: Sorry to OP About moving this thread around, but at the beginning it look like that you have issue with your mobile application JARs, hence why it was moved to Mobile Development. However now it is clear that it is standard Java question so I'm moving it back to Java. My apologies once again

Hi NormRI ,hi Peter thank you for the response and article
I ll try the fix receipt


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