Hey there,

I have taken earlier this tutorial on adobe's site for building an application for mobile devices. The tutorial provides a war file. After deploying the war file on my tomcat server, a few directories are built. Most importantly, WEB-INF folder. This folder contains some java files on one subdirectory and the corresponding java classes on another subdirectory. It also contains other files and directories.

I might have understood it wrong, but I think the entirety of the WEB-INF folder is what 'data service' means. I think I need some instruction on how to proceed for build a data service.

I now want to build another application. I built my MySQL tables and java classes to retrieve info from the tables and to build my desired objects. However, I now do not know how to build the 'data service'.

I am trying to do some research centered around 'build data service' key-phrase, but I can't seem to find anything pleasing.

My questions, though, are:
are there maybe better key words to base my research on?
when building data services, do I go coding and creating directories one by one, or is there maybe a better way to do that?

thank you in advance.

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Well actually, the "WEB-INF" means "don't let end users browse to this folder and download any files from it."

As for "data services," I might suggest...

  • SOAP libraries
  • "Web Services"
  • possibly "restful web services"
  • possibly JSON format data (instead of SOAP)

There are a great many things that you could do.


thank you for your response. sounds like restful web services is something I'll need to look into. thank you again.

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