I use Code::Block 10.05
I'm starting with some lines of code. No error found when I compiled it. But although I ("run", "Compile this current File","Build") in menu Build, I still cannot debug my program because in menu Debug, ("start", "stop Debug", "next",etc) cannot active :(

I have read on Wiki.CodeBlock and doing something here.
1) they said go to [project]\Build option, But in my menu Project, Build Option cannot active, too :(
2) But I found another way (maybe !!!), I go to [setting][compiler and debugger] and I choose some category like Wiki.CodeBlock ( select produce debugging symbol, enable all compiler warning, disable -s etc) but I still cannot debug :(

So, who know my error, help me please
thanks :)

is there something wrong in my configuration to Debugger or something mistake when I install Code::Block :(

So no one know this problem,huh :( I read on one forum, they said that I cannot debug a single file. Debugging is only supported if you use project at the moment." I don't know mean of this answer, so who can explain it for me, please :(
thanks for all :)

So, I can this answer this question now !!!
In code::Block, in the project directory, there file name with type cbp, this is a project file, you must open this file to Debug program :)