I have a project.A shape game

There are shapes and yours should be controlled by arrow keys.. you should crash with another to gain point. once you collide to a another shape, it should adopt the shape and the color.

The problem is when i se,t for example, shape1 top and left and shape 2 top and left equally.. its having a time to disappear

I want to disappear another shape atleast near to yours, but not exactly equally in their left and top property..Thanks

Image and my code are attached below...

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Had a look at your code and think ive found a solution but ive coded it in a separate project with Pseudo Code to explain whats happening. PM me for feedback.

Dim UserShapeX As Integer 'shape1 x control
Dim UserShapeY As Integer 'shape1 Y control

UserShapeX = Shape1.Left + Shape1.Width
UserShapeY = Shape1.Top + Shape1.Height

If Shape2.Left <= UserShapeX Then
    'shape1 turns into shape2
End If

If Shape2.Top <= UserShapeY Then
    'shape1 turns into shape2
End If
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