Hey guys,
I got the icon thing to work(it was pretty easy actually, you just have to download icofx and the resource editor then load icofx, go to tools, resource editor, click on folder icon, open your .exe file in the Dubug part of your folder, and then click on add an icon and voila, go to the folder that has the icon you want, load it, and save it!).

But now I have a different question:

How do you make a code so that it runs throughout the entire program (like a clock at the top, so it doesn't go away after a certain art of the code)?

Any help is appreciated.


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I think what you might be looking for is called multi-threading. You could spawn a thread for your clock that can continue running throughout the operation of the program. As a matter of fact I believe a typical 'main' function is running on a single thread.


Hopefully that'll help a little!

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