Is it possible to control the output font that is pasted from the clipboard?

The text copied into the clipboard is from a string variable and does not have any font information tied to it.


yea its possible and i dont know to do this but ill search for us couse i need to manuplate copyclipboard


I have been searching but about the only thing I can find is to paste it into a Rich text box and then copy it back out. For my situation this wont really work.

What exactly are you trying to use this for? If I understand what you are trying to do, I may be able to help you if I know what you are trying to accomplish.

well my program reads in a text file that is output from a database system. I am then parsing the data into various string arrays and pasting it into a third program via the clipboard.

I tried other methods of sending the text but the third program runs in a citrix system. Because of this I don't have direct access to the program (not yet anyway). So I am basically going low tech and using the key_event function along with the clipboard to move the text.