Im new in C++. Please help me for using C++ from basic. What should i do ?

Do you mean you have basic knowledge on C++? Or that you're a basic programmer?

Regardless I'd recommend grabbing a good book and/or reading online tutorials.
Try out and go from there. If you need an IDE try code::blocks.

I would recommend to go take a look at antiRTFM tutorials.

These tutorials are really great and easy to understand.

Do you want to know basic idea of c++?

termin8tor has recomanded a good site. You can get many free books through online also.

first you should memorize the code of making a program in C++ language.

this simple program will help you.

# include <iostream>   //this part we could the header of your program.
using namespace std;    //this part we could the standard library.
int main ()             // this part we could the main function.
{                        // start of creating your program.
cout<<"Welcome to MAy WORLD";

return 0;
}                        //closing of your program.
                         //Note:: if you going to save your work the file extension is .cpp
commented: Nonesense. Also this is not teaching the language. It is meaningless if you don't have any further programming knowledge. -2
commented: What is this? +0
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