Hi, I'm coding my program on VB.net and I take my laptop when I am away and use my PC back at home. I know this may sound simple, but what is the easiest way to get the project on another PC. For example, in Java I know that you can export the project file for easy import on another computer but I have found no easy way for VB.net and Visual Studio. At the moment I've created a new project and pasted all the form elements and code. Please tell me there is a easier way!!! Is there something simple I'm missing?

Many Thanks

It should be possible to just copy the whole of the solution folder via a memory stick.
If you need to keep the size down then use Build - Clean Solution to remove the built files first.

You can copy the Project Folder from your documents\Visual Studio xxxx (xxxx = the version you are running. I don't have VS installed on this computer, but if I remember correctly it should be under Visual Studio xxxx\Projects

Ah ok, thanks, I thought of that, but thought there would be a quicker import/export option.

Thanks again! :)