I learned Arrays, Functions, Pointers, Classes and Structures. Now I am ready to move on. My question is, What is the difference between a DLL and an API, and how does one access a DLL in a C++ program? Can someone give an example on how to do it please? and why would anybody want to do this?


API (Application Program Inerface) allows your program to access operating system functions, or functions in a library that may have been written by someone else. For example, the functions sleep(1000), a *nix API function, and Sleep(1000), a MS-Windows function (note spelling capatilization differences). They may be implemented in either a DLL (MS-Windows), shared library (*nix version of a dll), or a statically linked library (both MS-Windows and *nix have them).

Short anwer: a DLL contains pre-compiled implementation code for API functions.

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