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Hi there everyone,

I really hope someone can help me, I am working with Visual C++ with QT libraries and using... well... something that represents MVC (long story)... now I need to pass a const QString& from my 1 controller class to the model of another class...

When doing so I get an access violation app crash... I have checked the variable to be passed just before the function call and also entered a message to be displayed first thing in the function being called... the value is available and displays 100%, but before the next debug message shows the app crashes... Anyone with any advice as to why this could happen or how to fix it?



		qDebug() << "Executes" << endl;

		for(int k = 0; k < ResourceNumbersToUpdateList.count(); k++){

			qDebug() << "Value check: " << ResourceNumbersToUpdateList.at(k) << endl;


			qDebug() << "Does not reach" << endl;


void ResourceContainerCLS::updateOperation(const QString& ResourceCode){

	qDebug() << "does not execute" << endl;
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