I need to write a program for drawing concentric squares.
Program with the first click of the mouse determines the x and y coordinate of first corner of the square. Then, the mouse moves and the second click determines the point of the opposite corner. I wrote the first part of a program that draws squares, and I began the second part, which should with the help of the mouse draw this drawing. I do not know in particular to use mouse listeners, so please help me.
I also used acm.jar because these packages are more familiar to me, but it can be done with the standard packages.
It shoud look like this (number of squares is not important):

First part of program:

import acm.graphics.*;

public class ConcentricniKvadrati extends GCompound {

	private static final double PRVI_KVADRAT = 0.80;
	private static final double DRUGI_KVADRAT = 0.60;
	private static final double TRECI_KVADRAT = 0.40;
	private static final double CETVRTI_KVADRAT = 0.20;
	private GRect Nulti;
	private GRect Prvi;
	private GRect Drugi;
	private GRect Treci;
	private GRect Cetvrti;
	public ConcentricniKvadrati (double width, double heigth) {
		Nulti = new GRect(width, heigth);
		Prvi = new GRect(width*PRVI_KVADRAT, heigth*PRVI_KVADRAT);
		Drugi = new GRect(width*DRUGI_KVADRAT, heigth*DRUGI_KVADRAT);
		Treci = new GRect(width*TRECI_KVADRAT, heigth*TRECI_KVADRAT);
		Cetvrti = new GRect(width*CETVRTI_KVADRAT, heigth*CETVRTI_KVADRAT);
		add(Nulti, 0, 0);
		add(Prvi, width*0.10, heigth*0.10);
		add(Drugi, width*0.20, heigth*0.20);
		add(Treci, width*0.30, heigth*0.30);
		add(Cetvrti, width*0.40, heigth*0.40);

Second part:

import acm.program.*;
import java.awt.event.*;

public class Crtanje extends GraphicsProgram {
	public void init() {

	public void mousePressed(MouseEvent me) {
		originalX = me.getX();
		originalY = me.getY();
		ConcentricniKvadrati kvadrat = new ConcentricniKvadrati (WIDTH, HEIGHT);
		public void mouseDragged(MouseEvent me) {
			kvadrat.setSize(Math.abs(me.getX() - originalX), Math.abs( me.getY() - originalY));
			kvadrat.setLocation(Math.min(me.getX(), originalX), Math.min( me.getY(), originalY));
		private ConcentricniKvadrati kvadrat;
		private int originalX;
		private int originalY;

I can not figure out how to draw multiple squares at once. I understood how to use mouse listeners, but no GCompound parameters. He can only determine the height and width, do not know how to specify the start and end points.
This presents a problem:

public ConcentricniKvadrati (double width, double heigth)

I just can not add more parameters here:

kvadrat = new ConcentricniKvadrati (WIDTH, HEIGHT);

In a normal square, there are four parameters:

rect = new GRect(originalx, originaly, 0, 0);

Help please :confused:

how to draw multiple squares at once

Your code uses third party classes that I know nothing about.

do not know how to specify the start and end points.

Usually with a drawing problem like this, you take a piece of paper and pencil and draw on it the shapes you want and then look at the positions of the shapes and figure out the x,y height,width values that are required to draw the shapes where you want them.

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