I need help in deciding a good path in learning Java. I have recently passed my Data Structures course and although I still have issues and sometimes need to look thinks up, I feel I have a strong enough grasp to move on with my becoming proficient in Java. I am doing a Masters in Computer Science (currently taking undergrad deficiency courses) and most of my classes from here on move away from Java.

So what next? I would like to continue learning Java and all the tools needed to become a solid Java developer. I was wondering if a few people could lay out a good path of what I should focus on next ( obviously touching up my knowledge of the language :)) while I do that.

Thanks in advance and I look forward to all the differences in opinions :)

Involve yourself in a project.
Lend yourself to either an open source project or to someone needing help in a company or at school.
You will learn a lot helping others.

With that said, you can also design the next "killer app" and give yourself a never-ending hobby-job!

Hi mcddewitt,
I am also learning Java.Some one has said from Daniweb that is to download JDK from oracle and also download notepad++.Then he sujest me to start by writing codes.But do not use Netbean IDE and Eclips at first.These are for the professionals who knows Java already.

There are a lot of options for a Java programmer mcddewitt,Java itself branches out in many directions and you can pick any one of them.The two major routes are the mobile and web paths, you can take the Java EE route and go into web application development, working with jsp/servlets or you can try your hand with the Java Micro edition and do mobile and small device app development.

Either way you might want to do some of reading on the area of your choice before taking it.

If you want to take up Java as a career choice you might also want to become certified. There is a lot of demand for Java programmers in the software industry, not as much as there used to be nowadays, but still the demand is there, and the certifications will help you get in.

Thanks Digitalwolf for your information.

I got involved in several open source Android projects and I am now working on my own (Available soon in an app market near you). It's a lot of fun so far and mobile development is now a big part of this industry. Might want to give it a shot!

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