Dear experts, i need your kind assistance of the following question:

Build a simple banking simulation around the BankAcct class. Require to write a program to act as the "Bank", which provides the following services:

a. Create new account. A new account will be created, with a unique bank account number.
b. Deposit/Withdraw from an existing account.
c. Print information of all existing accounts.

• The user will create no more than 5 bank accounts in a single test run.
• The account number will starts from 20110001, incremented by 1 for each subsequent new account.

Part 1. BankAcct class:

class BankAcct
//Instance Variable (Attributes)
private int _acctNum;
private double _balance;
//Public Methods
public BankAcct( int aNum ) { }
public boolean withdraw (double amount){
if (_balance < amount)
return false;
_balance -= amount;
return true;     }
 public void deposit (double amount){
 if (amount <=0)
  _balance += amount;
public int getAccountNumber( ) { }
public void print() { }

Part 2. (Driver Program)
Write the following methods in a driver class BankingSimulation:

i. Write a static method

int findBankAcct( BankAcct[] baArr, int size, int targetAcctNum );

Search through the bank accounts in baArr (array of bank account references) with size number of valid reference. Locate the bank account object with the target account number and return the index of the bank account reference.

ii. Write a static method

void printAllBankAcct( BankAcct[] baArr, int size );

Print out the bank account information for each bank account objects in the baArr (Array of bank account reference) with size number of valid bank account references.
iii. Write a main method to:
• Print available services. Read user input.
• Perform the appropriate service from the user input.

Please kindly help me out. Appreciate if you could guide me around on where and how should i start. Thank you.

You have a lot of detailed instructions there already. Just start following them, and come back here when you get stuck.
ps Indent your code properly, it will help you as well as us.