Hello everybody,

I am making a simple magnetic card reader application.
The program should, after the user has swiped the card through a magnetic card reader that is connected to the computer, read the data and check does it match some entry in a local database.
And after that show the user appropriate information.

How much would you charge for a application like that? Bare in mind i will also be selling the code and program will most likely be upgraded and enhanced later on.

How long will it take you and how much do you think your time is worth?

Without knowing the "full" specification and requirements it's hard to gauge. Also it needs to be based on your experience with programming and how much you think your client can afford.

When I'm acting as a rent-boy *cough* I'm loaned out at £350 ($560) a day. But something like what you described wouldn't take a day to build ^^

Upgrades and enhancements (that aren't bug fixes) are chargeable based on the quantity of work. It's like buying a car, then going back to the dealer and asking for shinier wheels. You won't get them for free will you. Many forget this, because software isn't a "physical object" in most people's sense.