I am trying to set a larger calendar font (Calendarfont) for a Datetimepicker control, but vb.net (2010) doesn't seem to use/honor it. It remains the same (very small) regardless of the font/size I choose.

Have also tried changing it in program on the onload of my form but that doesn't change anything either.

Any ideas why?


Set the font you want in the prorties of control at design time.
I just checked in VS2005 it worked for me.

I have tried that. Not working in VS 2010 for me.

Ok, I think I have figured out why, but the solution is not a good one. On this page MS states that its due to visual styles and to get the calendar font to work you must disable xp visual styles. But that makes everything look like you're back on Win 95.

Is there any other way to override the calendar font size somehow?

On my Windows 7 it works perfect... I selcted the big font for date time in design time.. in ru time also it retains that font good. :)

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