I’m using VB.Net.

I’m using DataGridView with ColumnType = DataGridViewTextBoxColumn.

I have 3 columns. Column1, Column2, Column3.

For example:

Column1          Column2          Column3
1                        AA                AAA
2                        BB                EDIT
3                        CC                CCC

If column3’s value = “EDIT”, then I need to edit only that cell.

Here for example: i need to make the Column3’s second cell to be readonly=false.

So i cannot make any changes to (1, AA, AAA), (3, CC, CCC) and (2, BB). Need to make changes only EDIT cell.

I tried this code. CountR is the row in which EDIT values is there.

DataGridView1.Item(2, CountR).ReadOnly = False
DataGridView1.Rows(CountR).Cells(2).ReadOnly = False

But this makes every cell in column editable.

Is there a way i can make some cells editable in column?

If you know how to do it, please help me. if you can provide an example, then that will be so helpful.

Thanks in Advance.

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i think i'm executing that code multiple times with different row indexes.

So i try this code, and it's working...

For Each r As DataGridViewRow In DataGridView1.Rows
                    If r.Cells(3).Value.ToString = "EDIT" Then
                        r.Cells(3).ReadOnly = False
                        r.Cells(3).ReadOnly = True
                    End If

if it is working then please mark this thread solved so that other people can also visit it for answer ..

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