Friends i've a question to solve...
it says,i've to display a menu wer i,ve to open a file and enter a news article..the user is asked to enter keywords for that article..
in 2nd option user can search for a file by inputting dose keywords..

my question is how do i associate keywords with that particular file..plz help!!sooner the better

Off hand, I'd say use a two dimension (rows and columns) array of chars. Put the filename in the first chars, and then a space, and follow that with the keywords. Each keyword also separated by a space.

FileName1 dogs type hounds terriers setters herding toys
FileName2 horses type Quarterhorse Thoroughbred Arabian Standardbred Draft Mustang

Seems workable. What do you think?

I wouldn't wait for someone to put up code to get your work started. We don't do that here. It's up to you to start it, and post up what you've got and what has you stumped, if you need help.