Hello everyone who reads this is Darakuli here.

Me and my team have been creating a MMORPG and we are looking for some people who have experience with C++ And MMORPG's our team mostly do graphics and other stuff.

We are stuck on the C++ And MMORPG's as we can find no tutorials for us. Please if someone can help then message in on here or send me an email to mattnew2003smartass@hotmail.com regarding links or help thank you for you time :) Bye for now. :o

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Please Someone Help Me :(

Greetings Darakuli,

RPG [Role Playing Games] isn't an easy task to undertake, as you may know. It's usually recommended to take a standard game programming course, and to know the C or C++ language effeciently. Taking on the tasks of creating a Tetris clone, Pacman, or Asteroids would be the typical stepping stones before starting on a MMORPG.

Using game libraries such as SDL or Allegro may help jumpstart you in the right direction.

Also, as some of us are open-source fans, check out happypengiun.org as the site is full of games of all types. Also, while you're there, check for map editors. If you don't like what you find, write your own.

Google is also a good place to search when looking for examples, or further detail. A popular 3D RPG game is Crystal Space 3D, if interested. Just do a search for that, and you're on your way.

Out of the question, there is the Verge-RPG engine which uses script familiar to the C language. Later, or latest version(s) may soon be released in C# (C Sharp). This engine is free.

Another good place for game engines are at Garage Games. You could license the Torque engine, though it's costly. It's roughly $100 per programmer for licensing last I checked.

I hope this information has been useful,
- Stack Overflow


I was wondering what MMORPG meant, and Darakuli's attitude and non-professional email address just motivated me to consider the next post in the queue.

In the future, Darakuli, it may be helpful to leave out the attitudes, and to not shake your rattle if someone doesn't answer you promptly. This is a technical forum, so just stick with the facts. Also, if you want respect, and intellectual discussion, offer an appropariate email address without swear/curse words within. Better yet, keep the discussion here, so that others may benifit too.

You make an image every time you post here, and others interpret what you say and your attitudes. Right now, I have visions of immaturity concerning you. You may wish to reflect upon that as you venture out into the professional world. And no, I am not some God or almighty authority. I do know, however, that many an expert will see your rants, and just move on, not wanting to deal with your baggage.


Greetings kc0arf,

MMORPG's definition:

Massive(ly) multiplayer online role-playing games or MMORPGs are virtual persistent worlds located on the Internet. They are a specific subset of massive(ly) multiplayer online games in which players interact with each other through avatars, that is, graphical representations of the characters they play.

This definition sounds undeniable, but the truth that lies behind it is great. It isn't easy to create a game, let alone for the masses on the Internet. Multiplayer games are difficult, and take time to learn.

Last statement, MMORPG's shouldn't be a first or second project undertaken; though it should when a programming team is constructed undivided with clear unity. This type of game takes experience, and shouldn't be taken for granted.

- Stack Overflow


Thank you for the update there. I may have visited such a place in my Diablo II conquests when I look at Battle.net and go from there.


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