I just started learning Java.I had attached the doc file.The doc file is already printed on paper.I want to make a program such that only place left blank should b allowed for user to input data and when user print the paper it should b able to print exactly on proper location on paper.
Like in supermarket they give print and only the product they'd bought is printed on paper.
I want to know can we make such program using Java IF yes then How.Give some suggestion to start.
For example
In my template after DATE,VEHICLE NO,BILL NO etc..-- a text field should b there so user can give input.
After giving all input I would like to print it on template paper i.e Print the BILL

Help me using this as a project I'll b able to learn JAVA.

Sounds like an advanced topic for a beginner.
Look at the JTextxxxx classes for the possibility for displaying text and allowing the user to enter text on the same area as the displayed text.
I'm not sure how to make some area's R/O to restrict the user's input.

If it is advance topic then i'll not be able to do it.Can you suggest me is it possible to make such software using Core JAVA or Adv Java or ahead of this.

I think it is possible, but I have never tried to do it so I am not sure.