I have a generic text file, which can be composed of text data and numerical values, like an article. It can have multiple paragraphs/lines and have various types of delimiters. My general purpose is to tokenize this text file into a string array. I am quite confusing on how to handle this in Java, should I use “scanner” or “Bufferedreader”?

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Scanner is useful when you know what kind of data to expect before you read it. From your description it sounds like you should use a BufferedReader, read one complete line at a time, then parse it for delimiters etc yourself.


In addition to BufferedReader, you also have the option of using read(byte[]) function. It is relatively faster than BufferedReader.


Do you have any authoritative source for that claim?
Do you want to consider the difference between a character reading stream and byte-oriented reads in terms of localisation and non-english character sets?
Do you want to explain how to do character-oriented parsing on a byte array?

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