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I am a newbie to C# and OOP.. I need some advice regarding my requirement..

1st Part:

There are persons who use mobiles, of many subscribers and also have many numbers in each subscribers.

If we consider the XML tags it would be


Like this, there may be many Persons. Like the Numbers and Subscribers may change from one person to another.

and write the details to the XML.
2nd Part:

There is second part which reads back the XML and create programatically an UI to have labels as pertaining details of each person. There is also some details(a hex number) for each subscriber which i receive from UART through an interface, when we select each person and process him on the target device. .

By creating a sample XML file with the above mentioned details. I created programmatically the UI screen(Since the subscriber and Number varies from each person).I was also able to populate each person by selecting through LINQ. I used Tabcontrol under which the tab pages as the UI part of person. I had to use TabControl as my UART target responds to 4 different inputs, so each TabPage in TabControl may be used.

I somehow consider my implementation as rather getting complex. So, I need some fresh ideas.
If you are unclear of the requirements, please revert back. I would explain by responding to your questions..


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