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Im still relatively new to c# and asp.net. I have decided to create a web forum using asp.net and c# just to help myself get a better understanding of the languages. Some mates of mine informed me that there are some open source forum projects already out there. They were unsure of where to find them though. I have spent ages trying searching but have had no success in finding any. Any advice on where I could find an open source web forum written in c# and asp.net would be greatly appreciated....

Regards and thanks whoever reads this...

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Don't dwell upon open source. It is not for beginners like you. Read good books and learn C#, asp.net and .net framework from the scratch. I would like to suggest a book - ASP.NET Unleashed 4.0(VS2010)/3.5 (VS2008).


Can anyone say me, how to develop a script in asp.net for a game such as Puzzle bubble shooter. What is the required knowledge other than the asp.net with c# and ajax?


you can search for www.codesnippet.com
open source,you can get many projects and code, as someone posted, if you are a beginner, don't try with this, read books understand as much you can then you can use this.


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