i have few xml files in my project.i used "advanced installer" software to create exe setup files.i have included the xml files in PROJECT->BIN->RELEASE ->RESOURCES folder.
after installing the project setup,when i run the project, i am able to view the xml file details ,but i cannot add new content to the xml file,or delete field from the file..
how should the xml file be included in the project ???

please help..its urgent
thanks in advance

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Most likely this is due to file/folder security of the destination folder after installation.
To check this you need to answer the following Qs.

Do you get any errors when you try to change an XML file?
If so, what are they and where in your code do they occur?

When you have the answers you should understand why you cannot change the XML files.

thanks but i dnt get any error...just the xml file dont get updated on clicking save button..

When you run the program in both DEBUG and RELEASE from the DevEnv does everything work fine?

If the installation is on your development machine try attaching to the the running process and debugging the save operation to be certain that there are no errors that you might be ignoring with an empty catch block.

try { ... } 
catch () {}

application works fine when i run exe files in both release n debug folders..but when i deploy the application,after installation i am able to read from the xml files,but not add or delete fields.. is der any specific folder to which the xml files have to be copied during deployment?is there anything to do with build action property of these xml files?thanks

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